Looking for a section?

Matrix is here to help.

Key tips when deciding on a section

What is the site access like?

All new builds need good site access. Matrix Homes needs a minimum width of 5-6 meters to be able to deliver a house. Also watch for excess foliage and power-lines blocking road or site access, check with one of our sales team to see if this may be a problem. We offer a transport check for $250 and this will tell you whether the site is accessible by house truck. In some cases craning your home may be possibility.

Where are the services located?

The further the services are from the proposed house location the more they will cost to install. Off-grid options may be a good alternative.

Does the section have covenants?

Developers institute covenants to maintain the quality and aesthetics of a sub-division. Some covenants have clauses specifying against transportable or relocatable homes. However, in many cases a developer may sign off a new Matrix home provided they approve the proposed house design and landscaping.

Does your proposed dwelling meet council and developer covenant requirements?

This might include: building height, boundaries/setbacks, building materials, and site coverage. A full list can be obtained from your local council, the real estate agent, or the site developer.

Does the site have a geotechnical report?

A geo-tech report will tell you what the ground conditions are like and the recommended foundations. If not, Matrix Homes can organise a pre-purchase report for you.

Why is the section cheaper than others?

Some sections are cheaper than others for a reason. For example, it may be steep and therefore more cost to develop. A Quantity Surveyor can calculate the costs relating to your new build .

Re-sale value:

What is the sites position on the street? How much sun/wind will it get? What is the existing value of the surrounding homes?

Already found a section?

We can let you know if it's ideal for a Matrix

If you have found a section you can send it through to our sales team at sales@matrixhomes.co.nz. Matrix Homes can tell you whether the site is worth investigating further.

If the section looks good from the preliminary assessment we can send our transport company to check the site for $288 and this is refundable if clear access to the site cannot be obtained. We will also provide you with a basic placement of your new home. If the site requires a crane, as part of this assessment, we can also organise a crane company to conduct a basic assessment for you.

For more difficult sites you may need a pre-purchase geotechnical report to check the ground conditions and to confirm the type of foundations needed. These range between $1000-$2000.

To accurately estimate the cost of your build, to ensure feasibility, and the earthworks required making use of your own or Matrix’s Quantity Surveyor is the best option. This assessment costs a maximum of $1475 and will give you peace of mind knowing that the build is within your budget.

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