Matrix Homes Buying Process and Preliminary Fee Agreement

Matrix has two levels of service that we offer. Each option has different scopes of work to suit your budget and needs. Talk to us and we'll help you determine the level of service that's best for you. 


Level 1

Door Sale

This is the most cost effective method for you. We will work with you on the selections in relation to your home, build your home in our factory and if required, provide you a list of quality contacts to help you through the rest of the stages to completion. We are more than happy to assist where we can to help you save money! With this option we can still offer assistance with your site consent submission.


Level 2

Home, Delivery, and Foundations

A Matrix Homes sales consultant will work with you and our architect to establish the best placement of your module(s) on your site. We will arrange a transportation access check to ensure we can deliver our module(s) to you site. We provide you with:

  • The base cost of your house 
  • The cost of any upgrade(s)
  • Transport
  • The cost of foundations based on the soil and ground conditions as provided by survey data. 

If a more detailed quotation is required we can work with you to obtain the required testing and design works for your foundations. Please note we do not offer assistance with services or site works. If you require further assistance with your site works or installation of services we are more than happy to provide you with the details the contractors we know and trust. 



You have started the Matrix journey and have entered into a contract with Matrix to build and deliver your new home. 

Upon signing the contract, generally the first of our progress payments will become due. During the construction of your new home, and in line with your signed contract you will issued progress payment claims throughout the construction process. 

Do note, we are constantly reviewing our payment structure to be as user friendly as possible, and can work with you, and your lender to adjust these payments to suit your project. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.


Congratulations!! You are now the proud owners of your new Matrix Home.

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