Your block of land must be perfectly prepared and ready for your new transportable home.


Our homes are based around M1 and M2 standard modules or pods. These pods are designed to fit nicely on the back of a house movers truck.

These trucks are big and have a minimum height and width clearance. Please ensure there is clear access to your site so we can transport your new home to you.

Tricky Access

Ok, so we can get close enough to your site with a house movers truck, but we can only get our modules to your site using a crane. Our access check will ascertain this for you. Using a crane will increase your transport cost depending on the length of time the crane will be required.

Crane Working Area

Oversized modules require oversized cranes to lift them into place and assemble the home. 

You need a vast area for the crane to work in:

1. Easy access from the road to the building site
2. High clearance for unobstructed lifting into the air
3. Open space for the crane to swing from truck to foundation

Note: On occasion large branches, or in fact entire trees, have to be removed at the last minute to accommodate large cranes. So be prepared and don’t be surprised if this happens.

Road closure

From time to time a road will need to be closed to allow for transportation. Our access check will ascertain this for you. It's a simple process but does involve speaking to the road closure department at the relevant council. We can assist you with finding out the permits and procedures required to apply for this. There will be costs involved in closing a road for transportation of our modules.


Contact our sales team for an idea of what transport to your region might cost.